Crag, the Golem

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Innate: Boulder

Crag gains bonus attack damage. He may choose to throw a boulder, which damages and stuns the first enemy it hits. Crag looses his attack damage bonus for 15 seconds after casting this spell.

Skill 1: Stalagmite

 Punches the ground, causing a stalagmite to punch through the ground at the target point. If there is an enemy unit there, they are knocked into the air towards Crag and take magic damage. Once the target reaches Crag, all nearby enemies take magic damage and are stunned for 1 second.

Skill 2:  Meld

Crag dissembles and reassembles in a new location.

Skill 3: Landslide

Throws a barrage of rocks at the target location, dealing damage and slowing enemies in the area.

Ultimate: Rocksteady

 Crag gains incredible armor and bonus strength for a short duration.



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Innate: Shadow Strike

 Your next attack critical strikes. When this happens, this innate goes on cooldown for the next 15 seconds. Every attack will lower the cooldown by 1 second.

Skill 1: Preparation

Increases your attack damage and causes your attacks to slow your enemy’s movement speed by 25%.

Skill 2: Marked For Death

 Silences the target and lowers their armor by 4/6/8 for the next 6/8/10 seconds.

Skill 3: Dash

 Dashes to the target point and increases your attack speed by 15/30/45% for the next 6 seconds.

Ultimate: Blade Dance

 For the next 2/4/6 seconds, you attack a random enemy unit within 400 range every 0.25 seconds. This is channeled.

PvP MMO in a nutshell

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Why has no one made a multi-class, third person arena based PvP fantasy game… without all that MMO bullshit that comes attached. That needs to happen. Like, Guild Wars, but more refined.

For example:

A player chooses a class…

like Warrior, Mage, Assassin and Cleric.


Each class would have like… 25-40 abilities and each player would choose 8 skills before a fight.


Then people fight.

 FUCK that sounds fantastic. Why doesn’t this exist (minus Guild Wars 1)


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Innate: Cleave

This hero’s attacks cleave onto adjacent enemies.

Skill 1: Ripper

This hero’s next attack deals bonus magic damage and heals this hero for 50% of the damage dealt.

Skill 2: Crusade

Channel up to 4 seconds. After channeling, you gain +15% movement speed for every .5 seconds channeled, which lasts for twice the duration you channeled. After this buff dissipates, all nearby enemies take magic damage and stunned.

Skill 3: Boreal Aura

All nearby enemies are slowed by 10/20/30%.

Ultimate: World Ender

Slams the ground, dealing physical damage to all enemies within 400 range. If any enemies within the area have less than 4/5/6% of their maximum health, they instantly die.

Project Grapevine v.5 Closed Beta

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Okay guys, Project Grapevine is almost ready for open beta.

The hero roster is only 12 heroes for now, but I have plenty of heroes on the drawing board.


Fighting Game Design Addendum

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Fighting games, like everything Japanese, seem to be getting more and more complex and convoluted with each iteration on the formula. Fuck that. The whole reason that fighting games are so easy to pick up and play is because it is about two guys punching each other. Stop putting stupid game mechanics in the way of that. Now, with that said, I wouldn’t design a game like Karate Champ and call it a tournament fighter, but I’m tired of games with more than 2 resource gauges, multiple movement modifiers for characters (Chaos Code, Melty Blood) and grooves (CvS1 + 2).

What makes tournament fighting games so amazing to watch and play? Hype. The key to making a hype game is allowing the players to play around with a deep combo system and discover crazy combos and counters and counters to counters. Add a little random-ness to the mix and you get hype.

My first act in designing a fighting game would be to lay down the mechanical ground work. As I said in an earlier post, my fighting game would be a 1 versus 1 fighting game. Each player would start off with a set amount of health, somewhere between 100 and 200 to make the numbers easy. Each player would also have a basic gauge, called the Blood meter, which increases from 0 – 100 as a player hits another (through clean hits or blocked hits). This blood gauge will be separated into quarters, at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% full. A player can use 25 Blood points to enhance a special move (EX). The player may also pay 50 Blood points to cancel a special move into another. The player may pay 75 Blood points to use their Ultimate move and the player may choose to pay 100 Blood points to buff their character, which increases their damage output by 25% and allows them to EX or cancel their specials at no cost for the next 10 seconds. When activating Bloodlust, your character breaks out of any hitstun or blockstun that they are currently in.

The game would run with a 4 button setup, two kicks and two punches, with light and heavy versions of each. A grab can be done by pressing both the light punch and light kick buttons at once with either forward or backward, depending on which direction you want the throw them. The other player has 20 frames (1/3 a second) to also press the grab command to tech the enemy throw. When a throw is teched, both players are stunned for a short time and pushed backwards, out of grab range. The second gauge will be the block gauge, which is similar to health, except it only has 50 health, which replenishes quickly after 2 seconds of not being in blockstun. When a player blocks an attack, they take the damage in their block gauge instead of their health. Certain moves may chip, which means that they deal half damage to block and half to health, but those are rare. If a player’s block gauge reaches zero, they will be stunned for 2 second. Some moves may specifically reduce a player’s block gauge instead of dealing damage, but those are rare as well.


I guess I’ll start with some ideas for characters.


My first character is a fat pirate captain with a peg leg, a hook hand, a beard that holds two pistols with a cannon hidden underneath it and a sword.

His normals involve him attacking with his hook, his sword, kicking and swinging his peg leg around. His Light Punch move makes his beard shoot it’s pistols, which can be done twice in rapid succession, with a 1 second cool down for him to reload.

Placeholder Name

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Innate: Mirage

Become invisible for 4 seconds, gain unitwalking and create a mirror image in your wake.

Skill 1: Mirror, Mirror

Creates a perfect image of the target unit, dealing 100% of their damage and taking 100% of the damage they would take. When the image dies, the target takes 125/225/325 magic damage.

Skill 2: Crystal Labyrinth

Surrounds an area with crystals that block pathing. When the crystals are destroyed, they deal area of effect magic damage. The crystals count as units and can be attacked.

Skill 3: Reflect

Applies a buff to the target ally that reflects 100% of the damage dealt to them back to their assailants.

Ultimate: Refraction

Fires a beam of light at the target unit, healing them and bouncing to nearby allies. All enemies between each target takes magic damage.