Witch Doctor

Innate: Thunder Struck

Every 1.5 seconds, a random nearby enemy is struck by lightning, dealing magical damage equal to 5% of their maximum health.

Skill 1: Static Ward

Places a ward that grabs hold of the closest nearby enemy unit, holding them in place for 2/4/6 seconds and dealing 25/50/75 magic damage per second for the duration.

Skill 2: Conduit


Deals magic damage and stuns enemies within 250 radius of the point that is opposite length away from your target as you are in the same direction that you are facing. O = You, X = your target, Y = the AoE (O — X — Y)

Skill 3: Spirit Barrier

Lays down a barrier that makes all allies within it invulnerable, but also disables the attacks of any unit within the barrier. This barrier lasts for 4 / 6 / 8 seconds

Ultimate:  Rain Dance

Channels for up to 6 seconds. After you finish channeling, it beings to rain and thunder, causing your innate to become global and adds an additional 2 second stun to each lightning bolt. The duration of this buff is twice the duration that you channeled for.


~ by Mohast on June 4, 2012.

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