Blacksmith or Alchemist


Innate: Heat

 This Hero doesn’t use mana. Instead, each of his spell casts give him heat. He gains +1 damage for each Heat heat he has. He loses 1 heat per 2 seconds. If he reaches 100 Heat, he is stunned for 3 sconds and takes 200 magic damage.

Skill 1: Overflow

 While active, all nearby enemies take magic damage per second and have their armor lowered by 2/4/6 for the next 6 seconds. This spell costs 5 Heat per second.

Skill 2: Flamethrower

 Jets of flame irrupt from your golem’s chest, dealing magic damage in a cone every 0.25 seconds for the next 4 seconds. This spell costs 50 Heat to cast.

Skill 3: Baptism by Fire

 Throws a cocktail at the area, which douses it in flame, which deals magic damage and knocks back nearby enemies while also healing allies. This spell costs 25 Heat to cast.

Ultimate:  Unleash

 The blacksmith’s golem goes ape shit, removing the stun and magic damage effect from his passive for the next 18 seconds. In this form, he gains bonus movement and attack speed. During this form, Flamethrower is no longer channeled and Baptism stuns for 2 seconds.


If the custom skins is not used, I will just change the hero to an Alchemist, using the original skin. Heat will become Instability, Overflow will stay the same (but with gas instead of fire), Flamethrower will stay the same  (ish), Baptism will become Unstable Concoction and Unleash will become Chemical Rage.


~ by Mohast on December 24, 2011.

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