Innate: Cleave

This hero’s attacks cleave onto adjacent enemies.

Skill 1: Ripper

This hero’s next attack deals bonus magic damage and heals this hero for 50% of the damage dealt.

Skill 2: Crusade

Channel up to 4 seconds. After channeling, you gain +15% movement speed for every .5 seconds channeled, which lasts for twice the duration you channeled. After this buff dissipates, all nearby enemies take magic damage and stunned.

Skill 3: Boreal Aura

All nearby enemies are slowed by 10/20/30%.

Ultimate: World Ender

Slams the ground, dealing physical damage to all enemies within 400 range. If any enemies within the area have less than 4/5/6% of their maximum health, they instantly die.


~ by Mohast on December 9, 2011.

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