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Innate: Mirage

Become invisible for 4 seconds, gain unitwalking and create a mirror image in your wake.

Skill 1: Mirror, Mirror

Creates a perfect image of the target unit, dealing 100% of their damage and taking 100% of the damage they would take. When the image dies, the target takes 125/225/325 magic damage.

Skill 2: Crystal Labyrinth

Surrounds an area with crystals that block pathing. When the crystals are destroyed, they deal area of effect magic damage. The crystals count as units and can be attacked.

Skill 3: Reflect

Applies a buff to the target ally that reflects 100% of the damage dealt to them back to their assailants.

Ultimate: Refraction

Fires a beam of light at the target unit, healing them and bouncing to nearby allies. All enemies between each target takes magic damage.


~ by Mohast on December 3, 2011.

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