Interesting Fighting Mechanics

As I was talking about previously, fighting games need less Ryu and Ken’s and more interesting and defining game mechanics.

I’m just going to brain storm a bit about what is possible within a fighting game engine.

  • A character that uses red health to deal bonus damage or have additional effects, etc. (inspiration Nova from UMvC3)
  • A robot that literally “downloads” his opponents, gaining bonus damage and reduced damage after analyzing the fight
  • A summoner that puts other creatures on the screen for zoning and blockstun pressure
  • A character that steals health, but sacrifices health to do specials
  • A beefy character who’s taunt reduces damage they take by 5%
  • A gravity based hero that can slow people down, push, pull and let people float higher for longer juggles
  • A debuff character that applies status effects to the enemy, such as poison, slows, stopping them from blocking, blocking specials, slowing meter gain, reducing red life regeneration, etc
  • A clone character that summons clones of himself that do things, like block, attack, grab, etc…
  • A flying character (perhaps a guy with a jetpack or something)
  • An alternate win condition character that collects some sort of resource over the fight and can win if they get a certain amount
  • A RNG character that has a chance to do double damage or deal damage to themselves, etc…
  • A character that can swap health percentages with his enemy and deals damage to himself, etc…
  • A character that has their health drain over time, but heals off of their normals
  • A Jeckel/Hyde character that starts off a zoner and then supers into a big brawler
  • A characters who’s speed increases as their health decreases
  • A shadow character who can hit twice with all their moves (Yun/Yang)
  • A trap character (hur dur)
  • A reaction based charge character (1 frame teleports anyone?)
  • A character that can become invisible
  • A pirate!
  • A buff character (meter gain bonus, bonus damage, bonus speed, etc)
  • A robot that builds up steam as they hit with normals and specials, gaining bonus damage, which goes away if they get knocked down and is reduced if they are put into hitstun and less if they are put into blockstun
  • An unblockable character (a samurai) that builds up unblockable buffs for his specials (bushido)
  • An angry guy that can buff himself to deal 25% more damage, but take 25% more damage, which stacks.
  • A character that summons other characters from the game (lore wise, he has killed them all and is using their souls)

~ by Mohast on December 2, 2011.

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