Fighting Game Design

Fighting game character’s should not be Ryu and Ken. The defining feature of a fighter should not be the fact that his upper cut deals a little more damage and has 2 less frames of start up. There are so many different archetypes of fighting game characters and plenty of interesting new mechanics that haven’t been discovered yet, so characters should not be too similar. Game companies seem to think that fighting games need 40 plus characters to compete, but that is only in the case of games that use characters that are already familiar with the player, such as in cross over games. Having a lot of characters is sometimes a good goal, but that should only be achieved through the development of interesting and unique characters, not taking Wolverine and giving him his bone claws and calling him a new character.


Also, fighting games should fuck off with over complication. No game needs as many mechanics as modern fighting games think they do, especially Japanese games. Simple games like Chess are great for a reason. If Chess pieces had health points and could cast fireballs… then it would be retarded. KISS.


Also, stop with those stupidly large numbers. There is no reason for Marvel vs Capcom 3’s health values to be in the millions. I’m sure they don’t even calculate the last four digits anyway… Who the hell would make an uppercut deal 2,346 damage… Stop that shit. Give everyone 100-200 health and make weak attacks deal 1 damage and strong attacks deal 3. Seriously, stop fucking around.


Back to my main point, each fighter should have a unique mechanic that makes them who they are. Games like Blazblue are interesting in this regard, since each character has a specific button that does something cool depending on your character. That would be an easy way to integrate an interesting mechanic for each character.


~ by Mohast on November 27, 2011.

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