Sexy Science Girl

Innate: Power Overwhelming

This hero gains +1 strength for every 5% of mana missing, as well as gaining +1 intelligence for every 5% mana she has.

Skill 1: Zap

Zaps the target, dealing magic damage to them and nearby enemies based on the target’s missing mana.

Skill 2: Flux

Teleport to the target point, dealing magic damage and slowing nearby enemies. Every time you cast this ability, the mana cost increases exponentially. After a 12 second cool down period, you may cast this spell again for it’s normal mana cost.

Skill 3: Siphon

Drains mana per second from enemies and transfers mana to allies.

Ultimate: Mind Meld

Swaps mana percentages with the target.


~ by Mohast on November 5, 2011.

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