Wound Complexity, Mortal Strike and Vampiric Munitions

As much as I loved Allods Online, the only really good thing that came out of it was the idea of Wound Complexity. Remember World of Warcraft’s Warrior skill Mortal Strike?

No? Well, it the amount a target could be healed. Essentially, this is a direct counter to heal spamming or heal tanking, which is great. Rift is having a similar problem with their new Mortal Strike-esque mechanics, such as Vampiric Munitions.

Why have none of these Triple-A titles not taken Allods Online’s ONLY good idea? Herp Derp.

Wound Complexity was similar to Mortal Strike, except it was a built in mechanic that EVERYONE had. The more you took damage, the more complex your wounds got and the less effective heals were on you. This was great! Healers had cooldowns that reduced allies’ wound complexity, so that healers weren’t completely gimped, but it also meant that Warriors or Rogues weren’t the only ones that could counter healers. This is a great mechanic that EVERY triple-A MMO title should take from Allods. Seriously.


~ by Mohast on October 8, 2011.

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