MMO PvPvE Content

I was thinking about MMOs… and how seperate PvP and PvE content is, except for world events and world bosses, where a large collection of allies set to do PvE content becomes a large target for PvP gank squads.


Now, my idea is having a sort of Gladiatorial kind of thing, where two teams of players go through a gauntlet of PvE content with ways to impede the enemy’s progression.

Consider this: a Boss that has 4 adds at the beginning of the fight. Each team fights this boss in 2 different instances. When an add dies, two adds are spawned for the enemy team (JUST like sheep wars from Warcraft).

After 50% health, the boss will summon a portal. 3 players will be able to enter the portal to be teleported to their enemy’s instance, where they can fuck with the enemy team. If they die, they are teleported back to their instance.

Shit like this would be boss.


~ by Mohast on September 29, 2011.

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