Bleys Redesign

Bleys the Inquisitor

Innate – Divine Intervention

All incoming damage is stored in packets for 8 seconds, after which it is dealt to you. During this time it can altered and played around with through skills. These packets will be refereed to as “shields” for now on. The term “break” refers to when a shield stops collecting damage and deals the damage to the Hero.

Skill 1 – Overcome – No Target

Reduces the damage in your shield by 50% and breaks it, dealing the damage to adjacent enemies as well.

Skill 2 – Crusade – Point Target

Charge towards the point, dealing damage and stunning enemies in your way. After the charge, you gain a 100% chance to critical strike on your next attack. You are immune to all damage during this charging period.

Skill 3 – Judgement – Toggled Passive

While this is active, you gain bonus attack damage for the damage stored in your shield and 50% of the damage you deal is dealt to you as well.

Ultimate – Absolution Aura

All nearby allies take less damage, which is converted to physical damage and instead dealt to you.


~ by Mohast on September 26, 2011.

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