An AoS for Fighting Game Players

I’ve talked a lot about taking Fighting Game mechanics and putting them in the modern day AoS. I’d like to just concentrate my ideas and put them down on virtual paper.


What mechanics would a Fighting Game-esque AoS have?

– Somehow replicating a fighting game’s blocking mechanics

– Getting rid of mana. Too RPG-ish. We need a Super/Hyper meter-esque thing, like Tides of Blood’s Blood meter. The more damage you deal or take increases your Super/Hyper/Blood, which you can then use to cast EX versions of your moves or your Ultimates

– Multiple Heroes, like a Marvel Vs Capcom team. I’d take something from Skullgirls and allow you to choose between having one buff hero or being able to swap between two weaker heroes on the fly.

– A Smaller Map (duh)

– … more coming soon.


~ by Mohast on September 16, 2011.

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