Twisted Sorcerer (needs work)

  The Twisted Sorcerer

15            25          15


Innate: Power Overwhelming

This hero gains +1 strength for every 5% of mana that he has. Alternatively, he gains +1 Intelligence for every 5% of mana that he is missing. Because of this, The Twisted Sorcerer has 20 less overall base stats than every other hero (besides Bahlroth, of course).

Skill 1: Psychic Hammer

Deals magic damage to the target enemy unit. Every other cast after the initial cast will deal 15% more damage, but cost 15% more mana. After 8 seconds of not casting again, the ability is reset to it’s initial values.

Skill 2: Chasm

Lays down a runic circle at the target point. After 4 seconds, all enemies within the area take magic damage equal to the number of spells cast while the Chasm was active.

Skill 3: Arcane Flux

Teleport to the target point, slowing nearby enemies based on how low their mana is.

Ultimate: Mind Meld

Swap mana percentages with the target unit.


~ by Mohast on September 14, 2011.

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