Ripsaw, the Steam Golem

Lore: Engineer that died in battle, put into his life’s work, Ripsaw. He fucks shit up.

Innate: Hit And Run

Passively increases your attack damage based on your movement speed.

Skill 1: Drift

Drives to the target point, knocking down trees and going through units. All enemies you drive through take physical damage and lowering the armor of enemies hit by you.

Skill 2: Slaughter

After half a second, you deal heavy damage over time for 1.5 seconds and slow all enemies in front of you.

Skill 3: Rev

Increases your attack and movement speed for 10 seconds.

Ultimate: Carnage

Ripsaw gains bonus movement speed and continues moving forward at all times, attacking all enemies in front of him every second for the next 15 seconds. If he walks into a tree, he knocks it down.


~ by Mohast on September 12, 2011.

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