Savage Redesign

Innate: Taint

Savage’s javelin is coated in venom, which infects the wound, lowering movement speed and inverting the target’s natural health regeneration. (removing health per second equal to twice the target’s natural health regeneration due to strength) This debuff lasts for 6 seconds and is applied with each attack and with most of Savage’s spells.

Skill 1: Harpoon

Savage throws a harpoon at the target point, which is attached at the end with a rope. If the Harpoon strikes an enemy unit, Savage is pulled towards his target, dealing physical damage, lowering the target’s armor and applying Taint.

Skill 2: Familiar

Summons a flying familiar, which spits spines at enemy units, dealing physical damage and applying Taint with each attack. At level 2, the Familiar can become invisible for 30 seconds. At level 3, the Familiar gains Revenge, which deals magic damage to it’s assailant if it dies.

Skill 3: Miasma

Savage throws a cocktail at the target location, which splashes poison over the area, dealing magic damage per second and applying Taint to enemies within it.

Ultimate: Bad Blood

Savage deals physical damage to nearby enemies and removes Taint from them, dealing bonus physical damage. Savage is healed for each instance of Taint that is removed in this way.


~ by Mohast on September 4, 2011.

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