Demonologist Redesign

Innate: Warp In

Every time Rhask casts 4 spells, he summons two Warp Beasts.

Skill 1: Warp Tether

Deals magic damage to an enemy unit based on how many units are nearby.

Skill 2: Dark Ritual

Creates a Warp portal at the target point, when cast again, the Demonologist and all nearby allies can teleport back to the portal.

Skill 3: Corruption

Takes control of a target unit, increasing its attack and movement speed for the duration.

Ultimate: Hell on Earth

Summons a Balrog, which deals magic damage and stuns nearby enemies upon casting. The Balrog deals damage to nearby enemies, can stomp to stun nearby enemies and increasing nearby allies’ attack damage by a 10%.


~ by Mohast on September 4, 2011.

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