Craven, the Fallen Angel Redesign

Innate: Aura of the Lich

When toggled, you drain your own mana to heal yourself for the same amount. When untoggled, you lose health per second and regenerate mana for the same amount.

Skill 1: Wings of Torment

Applies a debuff to all enemies within the area of effect. When the target is damaged, Craven gains +1% movement speed.

Skill 2: Wither

Siphons 1 mana for every 1% of mana that the target has. Deals 1 magic damage for every 1% of mana that the target doesn’t have.

Skill 3: Dread Pulse

When activated, all nearby enemies take 15/30/45 magic damage and 15/30/45 physical damage per second.

Ultimate: Filler Name

Places a ward at the target location. When an enemy casts a spell within 800 range of the ward, Craven gains mana.


~ by Mohast on August 22, 2011.

One Response to “Craven, the Fallen Angel Redesign”

  1. Wings of Torment should allow for +mspeed as a function of damage dealt to ALL units, friend and foe. Giving a straight “takes damage” boost favors weak AoEs and creep attacks, etc; allowing it to benefit from allies’ pain makes him better at covering.

    Change Dread Pulse to a spammable activated ability. It works MUCH better that way.

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