Charon, the Doom Herald

Innate: Aetherage

Charon’s ancient sword was created specifically to kill that which is already dead. Aetherage doesn’t just rip at flesh and bone, but also at the enemy’s soul. With each attack, Charon burns 25 mana from his target, dealing magic damage equal to the mana removed in this way.

Skill 1: Lost Soul

Summons a lost soul, which flies towards the target point, dealing magic damage to enemies it passes through. If it hits an enemy that is below 5% of their maximum health, they instantly die.

Skill 2: Spirit Barrier

Applies a shield to the target ally, which blocks up to 125/150/375 damage. When the shield breaks or finishes its duration, it deals area of effect magic damage to all nearby enemies based on the number of units that died within 600 of the shielded unit during the shield’s duration.

Skill 3: Misery is a River

While toggled, all nearby enemies are slowed by 25% and take damage equal to 2/4/6% of their maximum health per second.

Ultimate: Omen

Deals magic damage 10 magic damage every second for 12 seconds. Each tick increases the damage dealt by 10. If the target dies, Neir teleports to their corpse and deals area of effect magic damage equal to 25 times the number of ticks the debuff got off before the target died to nearby enemies.


~ by Mohast on August 22, 2011.

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