Prince Letarius

Innate: Favor of the Gods

When toggled, Prince Letarius devotes himself to the Moon, making his attacks silence for 2 seconds and making him deal bonus attack damage. When this spell is not toggled, he gains favor from the Sun, making  him attack much faster and causes his attacks to blind his targets for 4 seconds.

Skill 1: Lunge

Dashes towards the target point, attacking all enemies you dash through and slowing their movement speed by 25% for 4/5/6 seconds.

Skill 2: Radiance

Summons an idol of the gods at the target point. If Letarius has the favor of the Sun, this spell creates a Sun Idol. If Letarius has the favor of the Moon, this spell creates a Moon Idol. Moon Idol’s give nearby allies True Invisibility. Sun Idol’s deal magic damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 3: Divine Boon

When cast, all allies near Prince Letarius are healed or have their mana replenished depending on whether Letarius has the favor of the Sun or the Moon (his innate). If Prince Letarius’ health or mana drops below the amount healed or replenished by this spell, it is cast automatically (even if he is stunned or silenced). This automatic cast has its own, independent cooldown.

Ultimate: Shattered Heavens

After 1 second, Prince Letarius begins channeling a beam of light from either the Sun or the Moon towards the target point. If Letarius has the favor of the Sun, enemies that come in contact with the beam take heavy magic damage per second. If Letarius has the favor of the Moon, enemies that come in contact with the beam lose mana per second. If they do not have enough mana to be removed, they are stunned for 2 seconds instead. This beam has global range.


~ by Mohast on August 22, 2011.

One Response to “Prince Letarius”

  1. Perseus, the Sword of the Morning

    Innate: Prismatic Sword (actipassive)

    Passively regenerates hp and mana per second of all allies around you. When used, increases your damage dealt by 35% but causes the skill to cool down.

    Skill 1: Shining Blade / Blazing Blade / Beaming Blade (Chain skill)

    Shining Blade: lunge directly forward 400 units, damaging enemies in between. If 2/1/0 enemies are damaged, unlocks Blazing Blade for 4 seconds.
    Blazing Blade: unleash a cone of fire directly forward, dealing initial damage plus a DOT on the affected ground. If 3/2/1 enemy is damaged, unlocks Beaming Blade for 4 seconds; otherwise reverts to Shining Blade.
    Beaming Blade: channels to fire a lazer beem directly forward up to 1000 distance, DOTing and stunning the first enemy it hits. Max channel 3 seconds.

    Skill 2: Eclipse / Flare (Recursive skill)

    Gain the Eclipse or Flare buff (as appropriate) at the moment of casting, which gives enemies damaged by you a chance to be silenced or blinded for 3 seconds. Chance decreases over time. If Eclipse is cast, this skill is replaced by Flare; if Flare is cast, this skill is replaced by Eclipse.

    Skill 3: Parallax

    Causes the target to receive only 70/45/20% of damage done to it, with the remainder transferred to its nearest ally.

    Ultimate: Song of the Celestial Sphere

    Cools and unlocks all of Perseus’ abilities at once. Perseus cannot increase the ranks of his abilities for the duration.

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