Innate: Holy Spirit

When cast, Centurion gains the Holy Spirit buff that lasts for 15 seconds. This spell has a 45 second cool down. When Centurion does not have the Holy Spirit buff, he deals 25% more damage.

Skill 1: Pacify

Zaps the target with holy light, dealing magical damage and disarming them and adjacent enemies for 6/8/10 seconds. If this is cast with Holy Spirit, the holy energy bounces onto up to 4/5/6 nearby enemies.

Skill 2: Conversion

When a nearby unit dies near Centurion, there is a 15/20/25% chance they will come back to life under Centurion’s control. With the Holy Spirit buff on, the percent chance raises to 100%.

Skill 3: Sanctuary

While channeled this spell heals all nearby allies for 15/25/35 health per second. If cast with the Holy Spirit buff, a spirit is summoned to channel this spell for you.

Ultimate: Guardian

Makes the target unit invulnerable to all sources of damage. If cast with Holy Spirit, this is cast on both Centurion AND his target.


~ by Mohast on August 18, 2011.

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