Isabella, the Black Widow

Innate: Against All Odds

Isabella gains +5% chance to evade for every enemy unit that is attacking her.

Isabella gains 100% evasion for the next 5 seconds.

Skill 1: Deceit

Teleports to a target point, leaving behind a mirror image for 5 seconds that takes and deals normal damage.

Skill 2: Crippling Shiv

Throws a knife at the target unit, which digs deep into their flesh towards a vital organ. This applies a debuff and slows the target’s movement speed by 15/20/25% for 10 seconds. If the target casts a spell or attacks while under the effects of this debuff, they take 25/50/75 magic damage.

Skill 3: Stalk

Become invisible for 8 seconds, reducing your movement speed by 15%. If you attack out of your invisibility, you gain +100% attack speed for your next 2/4/6 attacks.

Ultimate: Assassin’s Promise

Applies a debuff to all enemies within the area of effect, which causes them to take magic damage equal to 15% of the difference between their health when the debuff was applied and now, every second. If a target dies in this way, Isabella is healed for 5% of their maximum health.


~ by Mohast on August 6, 2011.

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