Bjorn, the Warden

Innate: Call of the Wild

Summon Bjorn’s brown bear familiar. Ursa deals Hero damage and levels up as Bjorn does.

Skill 1: Maul

Bjorn transforms into a bear and mauls the target area, attacking anyone within a 200 radius. When this is cast, a Ursa gains a buff that makes his next attack deal bonus magic damage and slow his target by 75% for 3 seconds.

Skill 2: Intimidating Roar

Nearby enemies take magic damage and have their attack damage reduced by 25/50/75% for 5 seconds. When cast, Ursa also roars, repeating the original effect onto enemies near him as well.

Skill 3: Aspect of the Pack

Teleport to target allied unit, giving both Bjorn and his target an attack damage and armor buff for the next 8 seconds.

Ultimate: We Are One

As long as Ursa and Bjorn are within 600 range of each other, they share 50% of the damage dealt to one another. If Ursa dies, Bjorn gains 50% attack and movement speed for the next 5 seconds. If Bjorn takes fatal damage, his health is set to zero and Ursa dies instead.


~ by Mohast on August 5, 2011.

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