Bahlroth, the Glutton (Redesign)

Innate: Corpse Collector

When Bahlroth steps on a corpse, he absorbs it into his body, gaining +2 strength for each corpse collected in this way. You may collect up to 8 corpses.

Skill 1: Just Desserts

Devours a target enemy unit, killing them instantly. This ability is then switched with Spew!, which allows you to vomit your food out at a target location, causing magic damage as it passes through other enemy units. If you choose not to cast Spew! after 12 seconds, you digest your meal and heal for a percentage of your maximum health.

Skill 2: Trim The Fat

Send a hunk of your flesh flying towards the target location. Once it touches down, it reforms into a zombie, which deals physical damage and explodes on death, dealing area of effect magic damage. Casting this spell costs 2 stacks of Corpse Collector, but it has a very short cool down.

Skill 3: Neural Parasite

Causes the target to enrage, silencing them and increasing their attack damage. If the target dies, they are resurrected for a short duration under Bahlroth’s control.

Ultimate: Them Bones

Passively increases the amount of Corpses you can collect from 8 to 16, allowing you to have +32 bonus strength at full capacity. Use this ability to erupt in a fiery explosion, which deals magic damage to nearby enemies and structures, while also causing any corpses that are hit to explode as well, dealing bonus magic damage to enemies within 150 range around them.

Notes: Bahlroth’s old design was REALLY boring and basically just relied on him being beefy enough to be focused while his zombies took down towers. He is still very much about getting a bunch of corpses and moving corpses around, but this allows him to be more than just a big fat kid who eats towers. Just Desserts is both your main nuke and your only self heal. If you choose to heal, though, you sacrifice your option to use the target’s corpses later on, to either absorb it or cause it to explode. Trim the Fat is a much more interesting and aesthetically pleasing way to dispense zombies, while also giving you a great scouting tool, as well as a small nuke. You don’t have to worry about being creep blocked and not getting close enough to a tower to attack it, since you can effectively stand outside it’s range and launch zombies at it, while you collect more corpses. Neural Parasite is his only form of crowd control, while also being a good pushing tool on either himself, an ally or one of his zombies. The secondary function of Neural Parasite might also come in handy for coming back to life for a few seconds to get a revenge kill on an enemy Hero, or using a fallen enemy Hero to lay siege to their own base. Bahlroth needed an ultimate that really felt badass, while also serving as a passive way to increase your corpse count and I think Them Bones fits that perfectly. His old Hellfire skill worked well, but was kind of boring and was either REALLY OP or useless, depending on whether there was 1 corpse or 100 near you at the time. This still generally applies to Them Bones, but since it is an ultimate that already deals pretty consistent damage regardless of corpses, I don’t think the random damage spikes will be much of a problem any more.


~ by Mohast on August 5, 2011.

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