Shiro, the Death Dealer

Innate: Killer Instinct

Every time you kill an enemy, you heal for 15% of their maximum health (and gain +1 agility. After 15 seconds of not killing an enemy unit you lose your bonus agility) (<<<I’m currently having problems with memory leaks and this ability… so for now it just heals>>>)

Skill 1: Shadow Strike

Shiro flies toward the target unit, dealing damage to the target. All enemy units that you fly through are stunned for 2 seconds.

Skill 2: Focus Palm

Shiro strikes with both his palms, dealing physical damage with bonus damage based on your agility and knocking back enemies in front of him.

Skill 3: Grind Wheel

Passively summons a glaive that rotates around you in a clockwise motion, which deals physical damage and lowers the armor of any enemy that comes within 150 range of it. When cast, you send your glaive(s) flying away from you up to 600 range, dealing area of effect damage. After casting this ability, the passive ability is disabled for 8 seconds. Each level invested in this ability causes another glaive to rotate around you.

Ultimate: Wither

Shiro steals 1 strength, agility and intelligence from the target hero every second that they stay within the 600 leash range. If they break the leash range they take magic damage and the stolen stats are returned.


~ by Mohast on July 31, 2011.

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