Alestrom, the Brewmaster (Re-Redesign)

Innate: Smashed (No Target)

Alestorm hops forward, smashing the area 200 range in front of him, dealing area of effect damage to and stunning nearby enemies. This costs 1 stack of Drunkenness to cast. Alestrom’s spells deal 5% more damage for every stack of Drunkenness he has. After 15 seconds of not applying a stack of Drunkenness, Alestrom sobers up. If Alestrom gains 20 stacks of Drunkenness, he passes out, stunning him for 5 seconds, after which he sobers up automatically.

Skill 1: Torchtongue (Point Target)

Alestrom takes a chug of his ale and breaths it out in an explosive fashion, causing a stream of fire to erupt from his face. This causes him to breath cones of fire in his facing position for 4/5/6 seconds after casting this spell. Alestrom gains 1 stack of Drunkenness for each second that he is breathing fire.

Skill 2: Special Brew (Area of Effect)

Alestrom throws a bottle of his special ale at the target location, which explodes, spreading alcohol over the area. All enemies hit by the explosion are slowed by 25%/50%/75%. If Alestrom is in the explosion, he gains 5 stacks of Drunkenness. If Alestrom’s Torchtongue is used over the spill, the alcohol ignites, dealing bonus area of effect damage.

Skill 3: Chug (No Target)

Alestrom drinks from his keg, which gives him 1/2/3 stacks of Drunkenness and heals him for 2/4/6% of his maximum health. If Alestrom is within his Special Brew, this spell also gives him bonus attack and movement speed for the next 5 seconds. If Alestrom uses his spell while casting Torchtongue, it extends the duration of that spell by 1/2/3 seconds. This spell has a 4 second cool down.

Ultimate: Happy Hour! (No Target)

Applies a buff to Alestrom which causes him to not pass out from his Drunkenness stacks and causes him to not sober up, but he loses 1 stack of Drunkenness every 5 seconds.




~ by Mohast on July 29, 2011.

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