Fighting Game Meters

A lot of fighting games these days have too many fucking meters. A game like Mortal Kombat has a perfect meter! They only have one and it still fulfills 3 different functions. Take that Street Fighter!

If I made a fighting game, it would have two meters. A Fatigue meter and a Blood meter. The Fatigue meter would go down every time you successfully block an attack. At zero fatigue, you are stunned for 2 seconds and regain your Fatigue. You gain Blood every time you hit your opponent. There are 4 marks on your Blood gauge, which separate it into 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. You can do EX versions of your special moves at the cost of 25% of your Blood meter. You can do an Ultimate move at the cost of 100% of your Blood meter. You can use 50% of your meter to regain all of your red life (which is life that you lost in the last 5 seconds, causing you to deal 25% more damage but take 25% more damage. You can use 75% of your meter to break out of a combo.

Also, I want a werewolf. A dude with long fingernails that goes ape shit and starts clawing people. His Ultra obviously makes him a werewolf, which allows him to move faster and have longer range on all his normals, as well as allowing him to heal his red health every second. Something like Iori from King of Fighters without the emo hair cut and with more werewolf.

Also, I’d take something from 3rd Strike, being that every character has a taunt and that taunt is actually a part of gameplay.

The Pirate’s taunt would make his next combo deal 15% more damage.

The Werewolf’s taunt would make him regain his red life.

The Cyclope’s taunt would make him take 5% less damage, which stacks up to 95%.

The Vampire’s taunt would give him 5% Blood.

The Skeleton’s taunt would make his next projectile deal 25% more damage.

The Professor’s taunt would make him put on his glasses, which makes his moves give him 15% more Blood.

The Succubus’ taunt would lower her enemy’s Blood by 5%.

The Siren’s taunt would deplete her enemy’s Fatigue by 15%.

The Druid’s taunt resets his Fatigue meter.

The Loli’s taunt would make her next EX cost zero Blood.

This also shows some more of my character ideas. These include a Vampire, a Succubus, a water elemental Siren, a big burly Druid and a crazy little girl.

The Vampire

The Vampire would be a rush down character. He would have a teleport, where he turns into blood and reforms behind, in front of or behind his target. The EX version makes him uppercut after he teleports. He would have a dash, where he turns into a swarm of bats and dashes forward with no hitbox. His EX Batstorm would make him steal 5% of his target’s Blood. He would have a projectile that costs him 5 health to do, which goes slower or faster depending on which button you use. These projectiles home in on the enemy until they hit 2 times. The EX Blood Orb costs hits 4 times. He also has an air dash and a glide, which counts as a hit if he lands on an enemy. He also has a falcon punch. His EX Falcon Punch would become a grab, which would lead to a combo. His Ultra is a grab, which causes him to bite his enemy, stealing 15% of their life.

The Siren

The Siren has a dash, where she turns into a puddle, removing her hit box. Her EX Puddle makes her uppercut afterwards. She has an overhead arc attack. Her EX Overhead makes her do it twice in a row. She has splashes, which hit at 3 different ranges depending on what button you hit. Her EX Splash hits the closest range, then the mid range, then the maximum range all in one move. She would also have a shield, which summons 2 water orbs that circle her, exploding if they hit the enemy. Her EX version summons 3 orbs. Her Ultra is a full screen hit box that stuns her opponent for 4 seconds. Her projectile allows her to throw her trident, which is a very fast arcing projectile. She can only have one trident on the screen at any time. Her EX Trident throws two tridents, one arcing very high and one arcing normally.

The Werewolf would be a rush-down character. He would obviously have a shortly delayed slash attack, which has less of a delay with the light version, but more delay with the hard version. The EX version does more damage and has very little delay. If you slash an enemy that is really close, it hits twice, but if they are farther away, only the second hit lands. The werewolf should also have a forward cart wheel overhead kick. The EX version makes him land on all fours and jump up for an air grab. He should also have a dive kick, which hits twice with EX. He should have a projectile that summons a wolf that leaps forward and disappears when it lands. The EX wolf causes it to continue to run across the screen after landing and making it deal more damage.

The Druid has a charge-able close line, which turns into a grab in the EX version. He has an air grab, which goes MUCH faster in its EX version. He has a head squish, which turns into a grapple that knocks down in the EX version. His Ultra causes him to turn into a bear, which increases his damage by 25% and makes him take 25% less damage.

The Psycho Little Girl is a zoner. She has a projectile that summons her teddy bear, which walks forward, can be hit one before dying and grabs the other player if they make contact. The EX version takes 2 hits before dying and throws the player away from her. Her projectile is her throwing kitchen knives. She can throw up to 3 knives in succession.


~ by Mohast on July 24, 2011.

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