Jinn, the Spell Fletcher

Story: Jinn is not a formal wizard or sorcerer. In fact, he understands very little about magic. Fortunately he was born in the city of Remian, which is known for its industrial progress and its dismissal of mysticism and myth. To combat the growing understanding of magic within opposing kingdoms, the Remians have begun creating totems, which are magical objects that allow their user to wield magic without reciting incantations or remembering rune formations. When Jinn was very young, his father fashioned him a totem in the form of a pair of gloves. This, combined with his talents in archery and martial arts, allowed Jinn to progress through the ranks of the Remian army and become the poster child for the power of Remian inventions. 

Innate: Imbue

Every time the Spell Fletcher casts a spell he gains a buff called Imbue. His next attack deals 50 bonus magic damage and cleaves to nearby enemies.

Skill 1: Explosive Shot

Fires a blazing arrow towards the target point, which deals damage to enemies it passes through and explodes after a certain distance, damaging and knocking back enemies within 200 range.

Skill 2: Dampen Magic

Fires a specially built arrow, which silences the target and deals magic damage.

Skill 3: Power Shot

After 1 second of channeling, fires a frost arrow towards the target point, which deals damage based on how far it has moved once it makes contact.

Ultimate: Repulsion

Zaps the target, dealing damage per second and knocking them back. This can be channeled for up to 1/2/3 seconds or until the target breaks a leash range of 800.


~ by Mohast on July 21, 2011.

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