Gurgle, the Tide Hunter

Innate: Hop

Gurgle hops forward. When he lands, he attacks all nearby enemies. This ability has no cooldown, but costs 25 mana.

Skill 1: Tongue Tied

Gurgle shoots out his tongue, which sticks to the first enemy target it hits, bringing them towards Gurgle. The tongue can only stick to targets on its way out, not one its return trip.

Skill 2: Tangle Weed

After a 1 second delay, all enemies within the area of effect take magic damage per second and are entangled for 3/4/5 seconds.

Skill 3: Waterlogged

Damages and silences nearby enemies for 3/5/7 seconds.

Ultimate: Tidal Wave

Sends out a tidal wave, which gathers up nearby enemies and brings them for a ride. This only deals initial damage.


~ by Mohast on July 19, 2011.

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