Drunk Panda Redesign

Innate: Chug

Heals for 8% of your maximum health and applies a stack of Drunkenness. Drunkenness may stack up to 5 times.

Skill 1: Torchtongue

Breathes a cone of flame, dealing magic damage. You continue to breath flame in front of you for 6 plus your stacks of Drunkenness. This removes all stacks of Drunkenness.

Skill 2: Pummel

Smacks the ground in front of you, attacking enemies in a 200 area of effect 200 range in front of you and stunning enemies within the area. When cast, this removes one stack of Drunkenness. If a stack of Drunkenness is removed in this way, this spell instantly cools down.

Skill 3: Hoist

Knocks the target into the air, teleporting after it and slamming it into the ground, dealing physical damage and slowing the target. This skill gains 50 cast range for every stack of Drunkenness.

Ultimate: Pyroclasm

Concentrates your fire breath into a giant fireball which flies forward, dealing area of effect magic damage every second to any enemy within 250 range. This fireball slowly flies 600 range forward until it explodes, dealing more magic damage to all enemies and structures within 300 range. This fireball moves faster for every stack of Drunkenness.


~ by Mohast on July 17, 2011.

One Response to “Drunk Panda Redesign”

  1. What I would do is this:

    Innate: Drunken Fist

    The Brewmaster’s numerical spell effects are 15% more powerful for every stack of Drunkenness on him. The Brewmaster sobers up if he goes 15 sec without applying Drunkenness to himself. If he acquires more than 20 stacks, he passes out, stunning himself for 5 seconds until he awakens with a bad hangover.

    Using this skill bashes enemies directly in front of the Brewmaster, dealing damage equal to his strength and stunning them for 1 second. Removes one stack of Drunkenness.

    Skill 1: Barrel Roll

    The Brewmaster drunkenly rolls to the target location at an increased speed, knocking aside any enemies in his way dealing them 60/100/140 damage. Any damage dealt to him during the roll is reduced by 15/24/33%, and he gains one stack of Drunkenness for each instance of damage.

    Skill 2: Firebreath

    The Brewmaster breathes a narrow cone of incendiary alcohol in front of him, dealing 80/120/160 damage. The fumes add one stack of Drunkenness for each enemy hit.

    Skill 3: Kegger

    Throws a sixty-hp barrel to the target location which dispenses strong spirits to any nearby. Nearby enemies are slowed by 5/10/15% for 3 seconds. If the Brewmaster stands within its area of effect, he regains 20/30/40 mana per second.

    If hit by Firebreath, the barrel explodes, dealing 50/70/90 damage to nearby enemies while knocking them back, and adding 1 stack of Drunkenness for every 10 hp it has remaining.

    Ultimate: Happy Hour

    While activated, the Brewmaster will not pass out from excess Drunkenness and will not sober up, but loses one stack of Drunkenness every 5 seconds.

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