Gabriel, the Mage Knight Redesign

Innate: Might & Magic

Gabriel heals for 15% of the magic damage he deals and gains mana equal to 15% of the physical damage he deals


Skill 1: Jolt – Unit Target

Deals magic damage to an enemy unit and applies a buff to the caster that increases his attack and movement speed by 15/30/45% for 8 seconds.

Skill 2: Collapse – Area of Effect

Enemies within the area of effect are slowed by 15/30/45% of their movement and attack speed and take 125/250/375 physical damage.


Skill 3: Atrophy – Unit Target

Target loses -2/-4/-6 armor and takes 15/30/45 physical damage per second. If the target dies, all nearby enemies take 75/150/225 magical damage.


Ultimate: Nova – No Target

Every time an enemy hero within 1200 range casts a spell, you gain a stack of Mana Tap, with up to 20 stacks. After 5 seconds of not having someone cast a spell, you lose 1 stack of Mana Tap. For each stack of Mana Tap, Gabriel gains +1 armor. When cast, Gabriel releases all of his stored magic, dealing 35 magic damage for every stack of Mana Tap to all nearby enemies and structures.



~ by Mohast on July 15, 2011.

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