Astronomer Redesign

Innate: Radiance

Each time the Astronomer casts a spell, all nearby enemies are affected by Radiance. If a target with Radiance is attacked, the debuff is removed and they take bonus magic damage.

Skill 1: Translocate

Gives your target a shield that blocks up to 75/150/225 damage for 10 seconds. After 3 seconds, your target is teleported to you.

Skill 2: Meteor 

Summons a meteor that deals area of effect damage and stuns for 2 seconds after a 1 second delay.

Skill 3: Prismatic Cloak

Gives a target ally invisibility for 6/8/10 seconds. If the target breaks the invisibility with an attack, they deal 25/50/75 bonus damage and slow their target.

Ultimate: Astral Recall

Teleports you to a location that you’ve already been before. After 6 seconds, you teleport back.


~ by Mohast on July 15, 2011.

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