Fighting Game Desgin

I’m a BIG fan of fighting games and, if I had my way, I’d LOVE to design one. I’ve always had some ideas for my ideal fighting game and characters, so I thought I might write them down.

First of all, I love Fighting Game characters. They can be as off the wall as you want, similarly to anime characters, without being too silly.

I’d obviously make a pirate character. Someone similar to 

the antagonist from Escape from Monkey island. He’d be a combination of a zoning projectile heavy character and a grappler.

The two branches of his mustache would each hold a pistol and he would have a cannon hidden under his beard. In his right hand would be a scimitar and his left hand would be a hook.

As for gameplay, his main projectile would be a normal attack hit-scan, where he’d shoot one of his pistols. This move would be spammable 3 times in succession. His second projectile would be something akin to Scorpian (Mortal Kombat)’s Spear move. Our pirate would shoot his hook towards his enemy, dealing damage and pulling them to him. This would leave them immobilized for a second, giving him ample opportunity to grapple them or do a combo. His third projectile would summon his parrot, which would swoop down from the sky in an arc, giving him good anti-air and air pressure.

His main grapple would be him stabbing his opponent with his scimitar and either throwing them backwards or kicking them off his sword forwards. His second grab would be a mid-combo grab, where he grabs his enemy and shoots them under the chin, knocking them into the air. This would only deal a little damage but would be a great way to keep combos going.

His first Ultra would be a Grab, where he grabs his enemy, lifts them up by their neck and cocks his head back and shoots his under-beard cannon at their face, knocking them far into the air, knocking them off the far wall and back at the Pirate, allowing for a combo.

His second Ultra is a projectile Ultra where he summons the ghost of his ship which covers the bottom who thirds of the screen and deals tons of damage.

Another character idea I had was stolen from a manga I used to read. He would be a man in a suit, who ALWAYS keeps his hands in his pockets. His whole theme is that he can punch faster than the eye can see, making it seem like he always has his hands in his pockets, even when he is furiously punching his opponents. This means that ALL of punches will have ZERO start up, but lots of recovery to balance it out. Because of this, he would obviously be focused on punishing his enemies and baiting them into wiffing moves. His main form of pressure would be one of his air normal punches, which would have a diagonally slanted hitbox, as he punches towards the enemy. This would be spammable in 3 hit bursts and he would be able to do 3 of these while in the air. His other notable normal would be an overhead kick with lots of start up. He would also have a upwards kick that would be a good launcher and anti-air, depending on where the enemy is when you kick them.

His most notable special would be his dash, which he dashes forwards (instantly) and punches his enemy all in one frame. This would have TONS of recovery on wiff and block to make up for the fact that it has a 1 frame start up. He would also have a dive-kick that combos with air normal kicks, allowing him to do an air normal kick and then dive kick if the first hits. His main projectile would be him punching the ground, causing a shockwave to ripple towards his enemy, causing them to crumble on hit. His last special would be a backwards cartwheel overhead. This would give him good defense against rush down characters.

His first Ultra would be a close ranged combo which has him go ape-shit and punch his enemy over and over (similar to Monkey D. Luffy) and go completely red in the face. His second Ultra would be him punching the ground and causing a pillar of earth come up from the ground, knocking the enemy into the air, which would lead to a combo.

Obviously every fighting game needs a GIANT, ugly, muscular, bulky grappler. Blazblue has Tager, MvC3 has Hulk, MvC2 has Juggernaut, Street Fighter has Zangief. This game would need someone, and I thought to combine Guilty Gear’s Potemkin with someone actually cool.

Our grappler would be a massively muscular dude bound in chains. On his right hand would be a giant gauntlet. This would obviously be the focus of his moves. With this character I’d also like to focus on some of the more RPG inspired aspects of Fighting Games. He would have a move that does absolutely nothing, except reduces damage he takes by 10% for 10 seconds, which stacks up to 100%. This means that if you try to zone him out and just ignore him, he can stack this up to become unstoppable for a short period. This is his counter to run-away characters.

There is another character I always wanted to make into a Hero in an AoS would be a great fighting character. 

I’d want to make an old treasure hunter, similar in appearance to a gold panner from the gold rush. He would wield a shovel and fuck people up. He’d throw rocks and shit, open ancient chests and release ghosts that hold down his enemy, etc. He’d be sweat.

There would also be an army dude, like Guile or Ralf.

He’d be all about normals attacks and grapples. He’d have an air-throw and a dash as well a roll that makes him invincible. His Ultra would obviously make him all red and angry, making him faster and increasing the damage on his normals. His fourth special would be a quasi-projectile, where he stomps on the ground, which causes a shockwave at a one of three distances from him on the screen. If this shockwave hits, it knocks the enemy towards him, allowing him to air-throw, air combo or do a regular combo.

Another character would be a reference to Iron Maiden. He would be a heavy metal skeleton, with a guitar that is really an ax. He’d have chains, spikes and army boots. His projectile would be a power chord fireball. He’d also have a move that makes him whip people with his chain, which pulls people towards him.


~ by Mohast on July 14, 2011.

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