Gorath, the Storm Caller


Innate: Electrical Storm

Each time Gorath casts a spell, every enemy unit within 1200 range is struck by lightning and takes magical damage.


Skill 1: Conduit

Channels electricity through the target unit, causing a lightning bolt to strike the ground a distance equal to the distance between the caster and the target behind the target, dealing area of effect magical damage and stunning all nearby enemies.

Skill 2: Spark

Concentrates electricity into a ball 100 range in front of the hero. If an enemy comes within 250 range of the spark, it explodes, dealing magical damage in an area of effect and slowing all nearby enemies. The spark is target-able and kill-able.

Skill 3: Electrolyte

Surrounds the target in an electrical shield, which zaps nearby enemies, dealing damage based on how close they are to the unit.

Electriolytes, turbolytes, powerlytes, MORE LYTES THAN YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR”

Ultimate: Electric Feel

Grasps the targeted enemy with a bolt of lightning, placing them in a catatonic state. As long as this is channeled, the targeted unit takes damage over time and is stunned, while both the target and the caster move towards each other.


~ by Mohast on June 29, 2011.

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