Captain Roberts, the Dread Pirate

Innate:  All For Me Grog

Applies a buff that increases your chance to critical strike and evade by 1% for every enemy you kill while it is active.

Skill 1: Keelhaul

Summon a whirlpool which slows and damages nearby enemies.


Skill 2: Cold Shoulder

Becomes ethereal, gaining bonus movement speed and the ability to walk through units. If Captain Roberts walks through an enemy unit, it takes magical damage and is stunned for 1 second.


Skill 3: The Black Spot

Applies a debuff to the target enemy unit, lowering their armor and causing allies that attack it to have increased attack and movement speed for 3 seconds.

Ultimate: Dead Man’s Chest

Resurrects the ghosts of corpses within the area of effect, who promptly possess a nearby enemy. If there isn’t a nearby enemy to possess, a ghost will instead be absorbed by Captain Roberts, healing him.


~ by Mohast on June 29, 2011.

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