Reyna, the Iron Raven

Innate: Determination

Each time Reyna attacks, she gains +1% attack damage for each 1% of health that the target has missing


Skill 1: Filler



Skill 2: Ricochet

Reyna throws her glaive at a target enemy, causing it to deal damage and ricochet off of that target, onto a nearby enemy unit (or Reyna, in which case, the glaive deals no damage). The glaive bounces up to 4/5/6 times, after which it returns to Reyna and gives her 20/30/40 mana for each successful bounce (not including those off of her).


Skill 3: Brink

Reyna disappears into thin air, dealing area of effect damage to nearby enemy units and making her completely immune to all damage and effects for only a few seconds. Reyna may break this spell at any time and return to her normal state.


Ultimate: Assassin’s Promise

Applies a debuff on the target enemy Hero, which causes them to lose 10 armor. While this debuff is active, Reyna becomes immune to sources of damage other than her target. If her target dies within the duration of the debuff, Reyna is healed for a static amount, but if her target survives the duration or breaks a leash range of 2000 units, Reyna suffers all of the damage that was blocked throughout the duration of the debuff.


~ by Mohast on March 22, 2011.

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