Rory, the Pandaren Brewmaster

Innate: Chug

Chugs from your keg, giving you one stack of Drunk. Each stack of Drunk gives you +5% chance to evade and +5% chance to critical strike. This stacks up to 5 times and each stack lasts for 30 seconds.


Skill 1: Torchtongue

Blows a breath of flame in front of you, dealing magical damage. The flame bursts persist for 3 seconds after casting, with 1 bonus second for each stack of Drunk on you. This removes all stacks of Drunk.


Skill 2: Side Step

Teleports to the target area, slowing all nearby enemies. Casting this gives you 1 stack of Drunk.


Skill 3: Browbeat

Lunges forward a short distance, dealing damage and stunning all enemies within 100 range in front of you. When cast, you gain an attack speed buff equal to 10% multiplied by your Drunk stacks, which lasts for 10 seconds.


Ultimate: Inferno

Blows a giant ball of fire towards the target point. This fireball homes in on the first enemy target that comes within 400 radius. If it reaches its original destination or its homing target, it explodes, dealing area of effect magical damage and lighting the ground on fire.


~ by Mohast on March 18, 2011.

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