Innate: Epicenter

Every time Guts casts a spell, he stuns enemies within 200 radius for 1 second.


Skill 1: Upheaval

Sends a tremor through the ground, which, when it reaches its destination, launches an enemy hero into the air, sending them towards Guts.


Skill 2: Mudslide

Guts molds the ground beneath his feet to slide him across the ground towards his target, dealing area of effect damage and stunning all enemies within the area of effect.


Skill 3: Tremors

Guts causes the ground to shake under a target point, causing all units to be slowed by 50/60/70% every second that they are within the area. Any building within the area of effect takes heavy damage.


Ultimate: Rupture

Rips apart the ground in front of Guts, which continues on for a maximum of 3000 range. All enemies hit by the Rupture take damage and are stunned for 3 seconds.


~ by Mohast on March 10, 2011.

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