Abjan Dhamir, the Virtuoso

“Only a dead man knows the end of pain”

Innate: Agony

Each attack and spell cast by Abjan applies a stack of Agony on the target, which causes them to take 8 (+ (2 x Level)) damage (per stack) every time they take damage, with a maximum of 10 stacks.

Skill 1: Iron Maiden

Places a ward at the target location, which latches onto the closest enemy unit within 350 radius after a 2 second delay. If the target moves out of a 300/250/200 radius, they take damage over time based on how far away from the ward they are and gain a stack of Agony for every second that they are not within the area of effect.

Skill 2: Wheel of Torment

Summons five swords, which rotate around you in a clock-wise motion. While this is active, all enemies within 125  range of each blade take physical damage and gain a stack of Agony. When cast, this spell is replaced by Torment.


Launches one of the swords towards a given point, dealing physical damage in a line, applying a stack of Agony and stunning for 1 second. If all five swords are thrown, this spell is removed.

Skill 3: Excruciate

Removes all stacks of Agony from the target, causing it to scream in pain; enemies near the target are silenced for 4 seconds, and Abjan gains 20/40/60 mana per stack of Agony removed. If the target is unaffected by Agony, the spell has no effect.

Ultimate: Wrack

All enemy targets within a 600 area of effect are stripped of their Agony, which deals 50 area of effect magical damage around each target for every stack of Agony that is removed in this way.


~ by Mohast on February 21, 2011.

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