Banesap, the Ancient of Corruption

Innate: Unstable Regrowth

Regenerates 2% of your maximum health per second

Skill 1: Banespore

Fires a projectile at the target that applies Entangled to the first enemy unit it contacts.

Entangled: This unit is immobilized and will take damage over time

Skill 2: Desolation

Destroys all the trees in an area, dealing area of effect damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 3: Trailblazer

Deals damage over time to all adjacent enemies and yourself. Also kills nearby trees.

Ultimate: Bramble

Dig underground, causing giant roots to sprout up from the ground between your starting point and your destination. Each root deals damage over time and slows nearby enemies.


~ by Mohast on December 18, 2010.

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