Warcraft 3 Project Hero Ideas

This post will consist of my Hero ideas for an AoS I am making for Warcraft 3

Izirum, the Lightning Phantasm

Model: Lightning Revenant
Innate – Geist

Each spell applies Geist on its target. If you attack a unit with Geist on them, they take damage and are stunned for 2 seconds.

Skill 1 – Lightning Projection – Point Target

Fires an orb of lightning towards the point, dealing damage and slowing enemies it contacts by 15% for 6 seconds. When it reaches the point, it returns to the caster.

Skill 2 – Splitting Thunder – No Target

Your next attack becomes a bouncing attack that hits up to four additional targets, damaging them. The buff from the Innate is applied AFTER the damage is dealt.

Skill 3 – Stasis Field – Area of Effect

Lays down a Stasis Field that deals damage over time and silences enemies within it.

Ultimate – Overcharge – No Target

Instantly cools down the next spell you cast. For the next 15 seconds, enemies you stun with Geist become Ethereal for 4 seconds.

Bahlroth, the Sparkgut Glutton

Model – Abomination

Innate – Corpse Collector

Collect up to 8 corpses in your gut, which give you +1 Intelligence and Agility, and +2 Strength per corpse.

Skill 1 – Regurgitate – Point Target

Vomits up your infernal stomach fluids, dealing magic damage and applying a debuff that deals damage every second for 8 seconds. This spell deals bonus damage for every corpse you have stored and spills them out towards the targeted point.

Skill 2 – Hellfire – No Target

Deals damage and stuns nearby enemies, as well as causing nearby corpses to explode, dealing area of effect damage and stunning. This spell also causes nearby Gluttonlings to explode, causing the same effect, in addition to their innate AoE damage on death.

Skill 3 – Gluttonling – No Target

Summons up to 4 gluttonlings which explode upon death. Each Gluttonling costs 2 corpses to summon.

Ultimate – [Filler] Unholy Strength – Passive

Gives +15 Strength and increases your maximum corpse threshold to 16.


Bleys the Inquisitor

Innate – Divine Intervention

All incoming damage is stored in packets for 8 seconds, after which it is dealt to you. During this time it can altered and played around with through skills. These packets will be refereed to as “shields” for now on. The term “break” refers to when a shield stops collecting damage and deals the damage to the Hero.

Skill 1 – Overcome – No Target

Reduces the damage in your shield by 50% and breaks it, dealing the damage to adjacent enemies as well.

Skill 2 – Crusade – Point Target

Charge towards the point, dealing damage and stunning enemies in your way. After the charge, you gain a 100% chance to critical strike on your next attack. You are immune to all damage during this charging period.

Skill 3 – Judgement – Toggled Passive

While this is active, you gain bonus attack damage for the damage stored in your shield and 50% of the damage you deal is dealt to you as well.

Ultimate – Absolution – Area of Effect

All damage taken by allies in this area of effect is instead dealt to you. If a shield breaks, 50% of the damage is dealt to enemies within this area of effect. This effect lasts for 8 seconds.



Grove, the Keeper

Model : Malfurion on a Goat

Innate: Overgrowth

Every time Grove kills an enemy, he spawns a treant.

Skill 1: Timber – Tree Target

Knocks over a tree, causing area of effect damage and stunning nearby enemies.

Skill 2: Arborwall – Point Target

Creates a wall of trees that last for 6 seconds, after which they turn into treants.

Skill 3: Nurture – Area of Effect

Creates a seed that, after 4 seconds, explodes, healing nearby allies and damaging nearby enemies.

Ultimate: Razorwind – No Target

Spawns four cyclones around you that spin in a clockwise motion around you, dealing area of effect damage around you every second for 8 seconds. This also applies a stacking debuff that lowers enemy armor by 1 for every second that they are in the area of effect, that lasts for 16 seconds.



Ghraut, the Bloodletter

Model: Blademaster

Innate: Engorge

Every time Ghraut kills an enemy, he permanently gains +1 maximum health.

Skill 1: Bloodbath

Causes Ghraut to spin for 6 seconds, dealing damage per second and healing for 15% of the damage dealt. This also causes Ghraut to become magic immune. Damage dealt is physical and has an agility modifier.

Skill 2: Massacre

Ghraut lunges to his target, attacking them and lunging to up to 6 nearby enemies, dealing damage to all targets.

Skill 3: Sadism [Filler]

Provides life steal to nearby melee allied units. This does stack with other forms of lifesteal.

Ultimate: Brutal Strike

Sacrifice 25% of your current health to deal that sacrificed health in true damage to your target.



Craven, the Fallen Seraphim

Model: Lich with raven(clever) wings

Innate: Aura of the Lich

Nearby enemy Heroes lose 1 Intelligence every 5 seconds that they are within 600 of Craven. For every Intelligence point lost, Craven gains +1 Intelligence. Every 5 second that the debuffed Hero is out of this passive’s range, they regain 1 Intelligence and Craven loses 1 Intelligence, until their Intelligence is back to normal. This can stack up to 10 times on one Hero, after which it stops siphoning Intelligence.

Skill 1: Enfeeble Mind – Unit Target

Remove 50 + (25 x Ability Level) + (0.2 x Intelligence) mana from the target and apply Enfeebled Mind that lowers their stats by 1 x Ability Level. If the target does not have enough mana to be removed, the mana removed is instead dealt twice as hard in magical damage to the target.

Skill 2: Pins And Needles – Point Target

Sends out a wave of steel spikes that irrupt from the ground and spear enemies from below, dealing 150 + (50 x Ability Level) + (0.5 x Intelligence) physical damage and slowing the enemy’s movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

Skill 3: Pestilence – Toggled Passive

Releases deathly disease and pestilence upon the surrounding area, dealing 15 + (15 x Ability Level) + (0.05 x Intelligence) magical damage to all enemies within 800 range. When active, you become Ethereal.

Ultimate: Death’s Grasp – Unit Target

Teleports to an enemy unit, with a global range, dealing 1.5 + (0.01 x Intelligence) magical damage for every 1 health point the target is missing and healing you for the same amount.


Chompsky, the Gnomish Aviator

Model: Gyrocopter


Innate: Gettin’ Fired Up!

Every time few second Chompsky gains a stacking buff, called Fired Up!, that gives him bonus attack speed for stack, with up to 6 stacks.

Skill 1: Let Er’ Rip – No Target

Fires a rocket, plus an extra rocket per stack of Fired Up!, at a random nearby enemy, dealing magical damage. Nearby enemies gain priority.

Skill 2: Barrel Roll – Point Target

Dive bombs an area, laying down napalm in a line of effect between your targeted point and your original position, which applies a damage over time debuff to enemies with Napalm for 5 seconds after they take damage. Chompsky drops 1 bomb for every stack of Fired Up per 100 units of range that deal area of effect damage.

Skill 3: Deep Scan – Area of Effect

Chompsky scans the area for enemies, revealing the area to him and applying Vulernable to enemies within the area, which causes Chompsky’s attacks against them to ignore armor.

Ultimate: Hunter Seeker Missile – Unit Target

Prepares a Hunter Seeker missile for 6 seconds, after which it is launched at the target and applies Hunted to the target, which simply shows them that they are being targeted. If the target leaves Line of Sight, the Hunter Seeker proceeds to the last point that it saw them. If the Hunter Seeker missile hits its target or dies prematurely , it deals magical damage that is additionally modified by the targets armor, in an area of effect.


Yamato, the Son of Storms

Model: Ronin

The last living son of the Goddess of Storms, Yamato was blessed with the legendary Skydrinker, a sword so sharp that light bends around it’s edge.

Innate: Typhoon

Your next four attacks cleave to all adjacent enemies.

Skill 1: Reap the Whirlwind – Area of Effect

Leap towards the targeted area, causing nearby allies to be brought along with you in a gust of wind. When you reach your trajectory, you deal area of effect damage and slow for 50% for 4 seconds.

Skill 2: Augment Air – No Target

Slice at the air so fast that a vacuum is left in your blade’s wake. Nearby enemies take damage. Enemies in a larger area of effect that aren’t in the first aoe are pulled towards you.

Skill 3: Refraction – Toggled Passive

While active, you become 100% transparent, as well as no longer a target of auto-attacks for 4 seconds after each attack. If you attack while you have the Refraction effect on you, the effects duration is extended by 4 seconds.

Ultimate: Last Breath – No Target

Channel for 5 seconds. If Yamato takes damage that would otherwise kill him, he negates the damage and instead deals the difference between his maximum health and current health in area of effect true damage, after which his health is set to 100 and his mana is set to 0.


Lethra, the Seeking Steel

Model: Demon Hunter


Innate: Flesh Flayer

Each attack lowers the target’s armor by 8 for 5 seconds

Skill 1: Gore  – Unit Target

Deals area of effect physical damage  within a 200 radius area of effect around the target and slows enemies’ attack and movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. This can target both allies and enemies, as well as yourself and your glaives.

Skill 2: Sanity’s Edge – Point Target

Hurls a glaive toward the point, dealing physical damage in a small radius around it. Once the glaive reaches its destination, it returns to the caster. When this spell is cast, it is replaced by Blink, which teleports the caster to the location of the glaive and removes it from the game.

Skill 3: Equilibrium – No Target

Applies a buff to the caster that blocks the next negative spell to affect him, after which he gains bonus damage and life steal for a short duration.

Ultimate: Delirium – No Target

Transforms Lethra into a chaotic version of himself, silencing nearby enemies for 3 seconds and giving him a ranged area of effect attack for a short duration.




Gabriel, the Mageknight


Innate: Might & Magic

Centrius heals for 15% of the magic damage he deals and gains mana equal to 15% of the physical damage he deals

Skill 1: Arcane Bolt – Unit Target

Deals magic damage to an enemy unit and applies a buff to the caster that increases his attack and movement speed by 8/16/24/32/40% for 8 seconds.

Skill 2: Concentrated Mana – Toggled Passive

Locks the casters mana at zero, giving him an attack damage buff equal to 10% of what his current mana would normally be. The casters attacks also deal magical damage as long as this is active. When this is unactivated, the casters mana is reset to what its current value would be.

Skill 3: Enfeeble – Unit Target

Applies a debuff that lowers the target’s magic resistance by 1 for every point of armor they have and deals magic damage over time for 6 seconds.

Ultimate: Arcane Implosion – Area of Effect

The caster siphons mana from enemies within the area of effect and, after a 1 second delay, the area explodes, dealing magic damage equal to the mana siphoned and stunning for 2 seconds.





Model: The Beastmaster


Innate: Battle Hardened

Gives a 25% chance to block 40 damage

Skill 1: Release the Beasts

Casts Stampede on the area, which doesn’t have to be channeled

Skill 2: Downfall

Throws an ax, that deals physical damage and slows an enemy’s movement speed

Skill 3: Dirty Tactic

Throws dirt in an enemy’s eye, dealing damage to them and blinding them and nearby enemies.

Ultimate: Pit Fight

Teleports to the target area, silencing nearby enemies and creating a circular wall around the area that blocks units from leaving or entering the area.




Callahax, the Marauder

Model: Centaur


Innate: Browbeat

Gives a 15% chance to stun for 1 second on each attack

Skill 1: Ravage

Damages and stuns nearby enemies for 2 seconds

Skill 2: Flurry

Increases your attack and movement speed at the cost of taking 50% more damage

Skill 3: Axtinguish

Hurls an ax at the point, dealing damage and slowing the first enemy it comes in contact with

Ultimate: Warpath

Applies a buff that returns 50% of all damage taken to their sources. If you take 600 damage or more, you become Magic Immune and a large damage buff.



Mojo, the Medicine Man

Model : Troll Witch Doctor




Skill 1: Soothing Vibes

Lays down a magical perimeter around the target area. Allies within the area gain health regeneration and are magic immune


Skill 2: Delirium Incense

Channel your energy into an incense that takes over the mind of enemies within the target area. This effect lasts for 4 seconds after the enemy has left the area and is reapplied every time an enemy enters the area. Enemy heroes within the area have a 50% chance to miss. This is channeled.


Skill 3: Volatile Cocktail

Throws an explosive flask at the target area, causing it to explode on contact, dealing area of effect damage and stunning (or knocking back) enemies within the area.


Ultimate: Mojo Adhesive

Throws a barrel of a special adhesive towards the target area, causing it to break, releasing the gloop upon the area. Enemies within the area are slowed by 75% and take damage for every 200 units of measurement that they move for the next 10 seconds.


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