Class Based TPS Concept

So I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 lately and I’ve also been reminising about Elimination Tournament, so, in Japanese History class I started to brain storm what it would look like if the two kids had babies.

First of all, It would be a third person shooter from an isometric-esque perspective with gameplay on several 2D planes. The player would control their character with their cursor, right clicking to move and left clicking to shoot. They would use their keyboard for other functions, like jumping, special weapons and items, going prone, etc. A physics engine would control how objects interact with each other, to a certain degree. Firing from one 2D plane to another would be as easy as clicking your cursor on a plane that your character is not on and he will aim upwards or downwards, depending on where the plane is.

Each player will choose 1 of several classes that, in itself, have several weapon choices to consider as well. Each character has a Primary weapon, a Secondary weapon and an Implant.

All characters have innate abilities available to them, such as:

  • Jump
  • Crouch – Increases your hit rating by 15% but decreases your movement speed by 50%
  • Prone (Can only be done while Crouching) – Increases your hit rating by 15% and gives you a 15% bonus chance to evade bullets but decreases your movement by 100%
  • Radar – Pings enemies that make noise on your minimap

The Classes:

The Centurion, the assault class

Primary: The Avenger (Assault Rifle)

Fully-automatic Rifle With A Grenade Attachment

The Phase Rifle (Laser Rifle)

Semi-automatic Thermal Scoped Laser Rifle

Can fire through ONE wall

The Thumper (Combat Shotgun)

Semi-automatic shotgun with bayonet

Secondary: The Patriot (Hand Cannon-esque Pistol)

Close ranged hand cannon with bad accuracy

The Stim Pack (Adrenaline Injection)

Sacrifices 15% of your maximum health for a temporary boost in speed and reload time

The Ballista (RPG)

Short ranged Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher

Implants: Bionics

Charge to jump higher than normal

Flak Armor

Take 25% reduced damage from explosion


Hold 1 extra grenade and 25% more ammunition

The Phalanx, the defensive class

Primary: Bulwark (Combat Shield)

When equip, you may fire your secondary weapon. You can hold out your shield, negating frontal damage at the cost of movement speed and the ability to fire your secondary.

Mortar Launcher

Long ranged explosive projectiles that are shot in a very high arc

The Earthshaker (Giant Hammer)

Heavy melee damage with knock back on enemies

Secondary : The Tracer Pistol

Low damage pistol that marks its target’s, causing them to deal 15% additional damage

The Doombringer (Sawed Off Shotgun)

Deals heavy close ranged damage


Automatic sub machine gun that knocks enemies back on hit

Implants: Haz-mat

Heals you and nearby allies for 1% of your maximum health every second as long as you are damaged.

Plasma Core

You explode on death


Increases maximum health by 15%, but lowers your movement speed by 15%

The Hunter, the reconnaissance class

Primary: The Stinger (Tranquilizer Rifle)

Slows target’s movement, turning and reload speed by 15% for 6 seconds

The Corsair (Laser Rifle)

Bounces off of walls

Shrapnel Launcher (Grenade Launcher)

Long Ranged Grenades that sends shrapnel flying after they explodes

Secondary: The Javelin (Spear)

Long ranged melee spear that causes you to lunge with each attack

The Sentinel (Mine)

Explosive mine that detonates when enemies walk near it

Muscle Relaxant (Injection)

Steadies your aim for 15 seconds at the cost of 10% of your maximum health

Implants: Tracker

See enemy foot prints


See silhouettes of enemies that are below 25% of their maximum health


All of your damage also causes the target to bleed for 10 seconds

The Marathon, the mobile class

Primary: Havoc (Submachine Gun)

Automatic SMG

Dual Commandos (Akimbo Pistols)

Has a 25% chance to deal 2x the damage

The Shocker (Shotgun)

Electrically charged shells slow enemies’ movement, turn and reload speed by 15% for 4 seconds

Secondary: The Hookshot

Pulls you towards a target, resetting your jump timer

Party Popper (Grenade)

Disables enemy weapons and knocks players back

Beacon Spike (Metal Stake)

Melee weapon that causes all of your projectiles to home in on the target for the next 6 seconds

Implants: Jet Suspension

Slows your falling speed by 25%


Makes you 50% transparent if you are immobile or crouching


Successful hits on enemies causes you to ping the enemy’s location on your allies’ minimaps


Well, those are what I’ve got so far. I’m going to add more as I come up with it.


~ by Mohast on November 23, 2010.

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